Alcohol & Health

Alcohol and Health

What are the risks and benefits of alcohol?

We’ve long heard repeated messages about the benefits of red wine and the rewards of one drink a day. But modern medical science is coming to fresh conclusions on the alcohol-health connection. And we are now confronted with a new reality: prominent medical journals and physicians societies are saying that the only safe level of consumption is NONE.

What people have proven, time and again, is that they like to drink. For some, it’s a desire to change their brain chemistry. Others see it as a gateway to being social. And we keep coming back because alcohol is a well-knit part of our social fabric, that’s both fun and socially acceptable.

But it’s time to heed the advice of medical research and recognize the risks and benefits for what they truly are. We’ve done mountains of research to arm you with the best information. See our articles on the following topics:

Wine & Health:

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Beer & Health:

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General Alcohol and Health:

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Alcohol, Calories, and Weight:

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This list continues to grow as we do more research. If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see covered, contact us to let us know.