Titos Vodka Calories vs. Others: Carbs, Nutrition, and Facts

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is always reliable—no flavors, no surprises—ever. This might be why it’s consistently one of the top five vodkas in America.

But does the lack of flavoring mean that Titos vodka calories run lower than other brands? Or that it has better nutritional value? Read on, the answer might surprise you.

Tito’s Vodka Nutrition Facts (per 1.5 oz. shot)

Calories: 98
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Protein: 0g
Sodium: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Vitamins/Minerals: No chance

How many carbs in Tito’s Vodka?

By itself, Tito’s vodka does not have carbohydrates. This is also the case for any plain vodkas, whiskeys, rums, and gins. The reason is that these products only contain alcohol. Wine and beer integrate plant products like barley, wheat, hops, and sugary fruits in the fermentation process.

Vodka uses plant products too, wheat and potatoes mostly. But the carbs are separated from the alcohol in the distilling process. This is why low-carb dieters are advised to pass on beer and wine in favor of vodka.

Whether or not the drink in your hand is carb free is another story. Most of us kill the burn of spirits with mixers, especially juices and sodas. Low-calorie mixers exist. But most are loaded with sugary carbs. This is why the standard vodka soda is a popular drink for weight loss—no sugar, no added carbs, just the tipple. (A little lime won’t kill you.)

Titos Vodka Calories: Image of Titos vodka being poured into a shot glass.

Titos Vodka calories compared to other vodkas

This is where it gets interesting. A 1.5 oz. Serving of Tito’s vodka has 98 calories because it’s 80 proof, which makes it 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). This is typical across popular brands.

Regular (unflavored) Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Kettle One, Absolute, and Skyy all have about 98 calories. But different vodkas can have different proofs and calories. Skinnygirl, for example, has a 60 proof cucumber vodka listed at 76 calories. Smirnoff 100, so named for being 100 proof, has 121 calories.

What’s the lowest calorie vodka? That would be Keel, a 48 proof, 58 calorie light vodka. Interest piqued? Check out our review.

The upshot? As long as you’re sticking to the same proof, all of the vodka brands are about the same. But you can make specific choices with lower proofs and lower calories.

How does Tito’s compare to other alcoholic drinks?

Tito’s and other vodkas are pretty much comparable. But how do they stack up next to tequila, whiskey, rum, and gin? Again, there are small variations according to brand, but most liquors are apples to apples if the proof is the same. This is because other liquors separate the alcohol from carbs through distillation.

The x-factor, again, are the mixers. Because of vodka’s neutral taste profile, it’s easily mixed with less sugary mixers like soda water. This isn’t the case for most other liquors. Whiskey, for example, is known for being bold. Those of us who hope to hide those flavors have to work harder.

Similar logic goes for rum, gin, and tequila. Think about it—what kind of drinks have rum? Sugary ones with pineapple and coconut (or Coke). Ever order a tequila with soda water? Neither has anyone else. They hide it in margaritas. So by way of bad associations, vodka is usually a smarter choice.

Wine and beer don’t separate the carbs from the alcohol. The best we can do is pick ultra light beers and low-calorie wines to make them comparable to vodka. But if you’re on a low or no-carb diet, this doesn’t get the job done.

Does Tito’s Vodka cause weight gain?

I’m about the poop on the vodka party. Just because Tito’s and other vodkas don’t have carbs or fat, it doesn’t mean they don’t cause weight gain. Anytime we drink alcohol it adds calories.

In fact, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. For reference, carbs and protein have 4 per gram while fats have 9 per gram. So vodka, calorie wise, is actually more fattening than carbs, although slightly less fattening than fats. (Poor fats, always a bad wrap.)

When you add more calories, the potential for weight gain is there. No way around it. But, for what it’s worth, vodka is one of the more calorie-conscious choices, easily having less than most beers and wines. Plus, vodka’s neutral flavor profile makes it easily mixed with low-sugar/low-calorie sweeteners, which helps a lot.

What’s the smartest choice?

If you’re out being social, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is a great choice. It packs less calories than most wines and beers. Just be sure to use low or no-sugar mixers to limit the carbs and calories. See our mixer suggestions for help.

But if you’re really being careful, there are better options. At 58 calories per serving, Keel Vodka established a new standard. Added bonus: while Keel helps you keep the calorie count low, its lower alcohol content (23.5% ABV) will also help you keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) down. This will reduce the risks of alcohol and excessive intoxication.