The Ultimate NA Beer Buying Guide

What are the best non-alcoholic beers on the market?

It used to be that non-alcoholic beer drinkers had only a few choices to pick from. But the days of “O’Doul’s vs. Clausthaler” are (thankfully) behind us.

As the NA beer market has exploded in recent years, so has the list of offerings. By now, most big box brewers have ventured into the non-alcoholic market. But there’s also breweries solely dedicated to cranking out a diverse line up of different styles.

Today, NA beer drinkers have more options than Netflix has B-grade Australian series. But which ones come closest to the real thing?

To ease your burden, we’ve tried dozens of non-alcoholic beers and broken down our favorites. We’ve organized them by style, comparisons, specific breweries, or individual beers. Simply select what piques your interest.

By Style:

  • Best Non-Alcoholic Pale Ales and IPAs
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Lagers
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Stouts
  • Best Mexican-Style Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Brown Ale


  • Coors Edge vs. Heineken 0.0
  • Coors Edge vs. Budweiser Zero
  • Budweiser Zero vs. Heineken 0.0

Individual and Brewer Line Ups:

Brewers Dedicated to NA Beer:

This list continues to grow as we try more products. If there’s a particular product or brewery that you’d like to see reviewed, contact us to let us know.