Budweiser Zero Review: Did AB-InBev Make a Weak NA Beer?

Ab-InBev’s Budweiser brand is the most popular choice in 23 American states. So if you reach for a Bud, you’re not alone. But what are all these Anheuser fans to do when they need to cut back on alcohol?

Ab-InBev has finally given us an answer: Budweiser Zero. This alcohol free brew is now their flagship NA offering, giving calorie and serving conscious drinkers a non alcoholic option.

The last time Budweiser cranked out an NA beer it was their Prohibition Brew, which had mixed reviews. In this Budweiser Zero review, we’re going to find out if the second version is better and if it’s worth your money.

Budweiser Zero Review: GIF of Budweiser Zero bottle close up.

How is Budweiser Zero made?

Bud Zero has the same ingredients as traditional Budweiser beer: hand-selected barley malt, rice, filtered water, and hops.

To achieve the 0.0% ABV, Budweiser uses a process called “vacuum distillation” to dealcoholize the beer. This involves heating full-strength beer in a vacuum, which decreases the top temperature needed to separate the alcohol from the other ingredients. This helps to preserve the flavor compounds in the beer, including the barley and hop particles.

Once the beer has been dealcoholized, it is then filtered and pasteurized to ensure a stable product that can be safely stored and sold.

Budweiser Zero: Quick Facts and Nutrition

Budweiser Zero is a non-alcoholic beer option from the well-known Budweiser brand. Here are some quick facts and nutrition details:

  • Brewer: AB-InBev
  • Debut Year: 2020
  • Calories: 50
  • Carbs: 12.1 g
  • Fat: 0.0 g
  • ABV: 0.0% (alcohol free brew)
  • Ingredients: Barley, rice, hops, filtered water, natural flavors.
  • Vegan friendly: Yes.
  • Gluten free: No.

NOTE: With an ABV of 0.0%, Bud Zero is a legitimate “zero alcohol” option. Most other brews labeled as “non alcoholic beer” have about 0.5% ABV. This is important for those looking to cut alcohol entirely, people in recovery, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers.

Budweiser Zero Review: Budweiser Zero label showing calories and nutrition. Label shows that Budweiser Zero has 50 calories, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and 0 grams of sugar.
Budweiser Zero’s label confirms that it’s a zero alcohol, low calorie option.

Budweiser Zero Review (Score: 7/10)

The Pour Test

Budweiser 0.0 review: GIF of Bud Zero being poured into a glass.
Bud Zero pours a lot like the original Budweiser.

BZ pours a golden yellow color, very much like Coors Edge and other light lagers. The head didn’t stick around too long, but lasted longer than the head on Coors Edge.

There’s a little skunk hop in the aroma profile, which is interesting. Outside of that, there’s not much in the smell department. Light malt extract, some hints of corn. I’m not expecting it to taste like much based on the smell. Carbonation looks decent though.

The Taste Test:

Bud Zero review: GIF of Bud Zero close up in a glass.
A closer look at Bud Zero.

It’s a Budweiser that went on a diet and ate clean for a month. There’s a subtle sweetness and very faint bitterness. Very light-bodied with a thin mouthfeel. Better than Coor’s Edge though. Most buyers will find it’s a decent light lager replacement.

It has a very light taste profile. Not really a lot going on here. Budweiser fans might notice a vague similarity to the original Bud, but it’s a couple degrees away. Some maltiness with a touch of sweetcorn. Also a touch of skunk.

If it’s really cold and they’re not big beer drinkers, you might trick a couple people into thinking it’s a Budweiser.

Budweiser Non-Alcoholic review: GIF of Budweiser Zero being swished around in a tulip glass.

What other people are saying

BeerAdvocate: 2.9/5

Untappd: 2.39/5

Reviews are mixed. Most positive comments say that it’s a good alternative to Budweiser and Bud Light, being especially close to Budweiser. Others say it does a good impression of other light lagers. The word “refreshing” comes up a lot.

The negative comments focus mostly on the thin mouthfeel and lack of complexity. The word “seltzer” comes up a lot, from people who think it’s not much better than grain-flavored seltzer water. Maybe these snobs forgot it’s a 0.0% ABV brew?

Alternatives to Budweiser zero

We think there are much better options out there. If you’re looking for something similar that performs better, consider Untitled Art Italian Pilsner, Estrella Galicia 0.0, or Partake Blonde.

Where to buy Budweiser Zero

Budweiser fans should pick up Budweiser Zero at ProofNoMore. Here’s why: PNM allows single-can and 4-pack sales. That way you can try a smaller sample of Bud Zero before committing to a bigger purchase.

If you’re not married to the Coors family, I suggest you buy ONE Coors Edge to try and some other lagers that we think highly of (see above in alternatives).

Once you’re ready to commit, Budweiser Zero can be found in most big box retail and grocery outlets, Total Wine, and online at Amazon.


Does Budweiser Zero taste like beer?

Budweiser Zero tastes like an ultra light version of Budweiser. Most consumers will find it tastes like beer and that it’s a decent replacement for Bud or Bud Light. It also has most of the same ingredients, including barley, rice, hops, and water.
While reviews are mixed, Budweiser 0 is definitely drinkable. It just doesn’t have the flavor, body, and complexity of full alcohol beers.

Is there alcohol in Budweiser Zero?

Budweiser Zero is an alcohol-free beer with an ABV of 0.0%. This means that it contains no alcohol AT ALL. Most brews labeled as “non alcoholic beer” have roughly 0.05% ABV, meaning they have trace amounts of alcohol. Bud Zero is an example of a fully non-alcoholic beer option.
This makes BZ a suitable choice for people with a zero tolerance, those in recovery, and pregnant or nursing mothers.

What are the benefits of Budweiser Zero?

Budweiser Zero and other non alcoholic beers offer a variety of benefits. These include:

NO ALCOHOL: A 0.0% ABV, meaning it has no alcohol content, allowing you to enjoy the taste of beer without the effects and risks of alcohol (e.g. inflammation, weight gain, and hangovers).

LOW CAL, LOW CARB: Each 12 oz. serving has 50 calories, 11.5 grams of carbs, and 0.6 grams of protein. making it a lighter option than many other non-alcoholic beers.
NO SUGAR: Budweiser zero has no sugar.

GUILT FREE HYDRATION: A guilt-free option for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake, maintain a clear head, or stay hydrated.

What type of beer is Budweiser zero?

Budweiser Zero is an American-style Pale Lager produced by Anheuser-Busch. Like other light lagers (e.g. Bud Light, Coors Light) it has a clean, crisp flavor profile. It is best served chilled at 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Budweiser 0.0 taste good?

Overall, reviews are pretty mixed. Some people find it watered down and bland, while others believe it’s a decent alternative to a regular Budweiser. To be fair to Budweiser zero, these criticisms are common to non-alcoholic beers in general.

As this review mentioned above, we think it’s a decent replacement for pale lagers and light beer brands such as Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Michelob Ultra. We also believe it’s a better option than Coors Edge, a close competitor from the Molson Coors brand.

People who enjoyed Budweiser 0.0 found it to be similar to AB-InBev’s alcoholic beer (Bud, Bud Light, etc.). They also appreciate that it’s truly alcohol free beer at 0.0% ABV. But you have to expect that it will have less flavor than alcoholic beer.

Ingredients in Budweiser Zero

Budweiser Zero is brewed with the following ingredients:

Filtered water
Natural flavors. AB-InBev says the primary ingredients include “two-row and six-row barley malt”, “fresh, verdant rice”, and the “supplest, most aromatic hops.” (Take it easy, guys.) It doesn’t contain any sugar (zero sugar).