Untitled Art Brewing Review: Non-Alcoholic Beers Gone Wild

Untitled Art Brewing has the most eclectic line-up of non-alcoholic beers. But which Untitled Art Non Alcoholic brews are worth your money? Here’s a full review.

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If you’re cutting back on alcohol servings, non-alcoholic beer is an easy place to turn. They’re actually my favorite alcohol replacements, mostly because some amazing breweries are cranking out remarkable NA beers that rival the full-leaded ones.

I’ve explored product lines from all the biggest NA craft brewers. The elite ones hit the mark almost every time. Untitled Art Brewing is right at the top of that list, rivaling industry giants like Athletic Brewing and Partake. In fact, their NA brews are often better. Read on to learn which of UA’s non-alcoholic brews you can’t miss out on.

Overview of Untitled Art’s Non-Alcoholic Beers

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Untitled Art Brewing is known for eclectic beers that break the mold. Their non-alcoholic line-up stays true to that tendency, featuring quirky stars like S’mores Dark Brew, Mango Dragonfruit Sour, and Florida Weisse. And don’t sleep on the Lychee Sherbet either.

More traditional styles are also represented, of course. These include crowd pleasers like the Juicy IPA, West Coast IPA, and Chocolate Milk Stout. Then they round it out with the Watermelon Sour and the Italian Pilsner (maybe the best NA Pilsner on the market).

As you can see, there’s a lot to cover with Untitled Art’s non-alcoholic beers. I’ll do my best, starting with the heavy hitters and going from there.

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NA Italian Pilsner Review

Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Italian Pilsner
Untitled Art’s Italian Pilsner is Crisp and Clean

Untitled Art’s Italian Pilsner can please a range of people, from a Pilsner enthusiast to a first-time beer drinker. The full-ABV version of this beer sold out as soon as it hit shelves. So UA modeled the NA version, which has also been a hit.

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Brewing Review: NA Italian Pilsner
Untitled Art’s NA Italian Pilsner Pours Pale Yellow with Frothy Head.

Ultra clear, pale yellow color. Nice, fluffy white head that holds well. Looks like a classic pilsner. Subtle but pleasant floral hop aroma. There’s some citrus and grassiness too. Maybe some light malt in there.

The Taste Test:

This is a crisp pilsner style beer that drinks easily. The front end has some malty sweetness, but the most prominent flavor is the floral and earthy hops. It’s a little hoppier than a typical pilsner, but the bitterness is mild. It might remind some people of Peroni. Very refreshing, light to medium bodied pilsner. 

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 60 calories
  • 12g carbs
  • 3g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • Overall: Crisp, easy-drinking beer that’s true to the Pilsner style. 
  • Compare to: Peroni, Al’s Classic Pilsner
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Untappd: 3.59/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.79/5
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NA West Coast IPA Review

Untitled Art Brewing Review: Non-Alcoholic West Coast IPA
Untitled Art’s NA West Coast IPA: Mildly Hoppy and Crushable.

West Coast IPAs are known for their piney and citrus aromas and high bitterness. Untitled Art’s WCIPA is one of their most popular brews, as many people are trying to recapture the flavor profile without the hangover. Here’s how it shapes up:

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beer Review
Untitled Art’s West Coast IPA pours a nice orange color with an off-white head.

The WCIPA has a nice orange color with an amber touch and a little cloudiness. You’ll notice a thick, off-white head that holds nicely. The tropical fruit stands out on the nose, with some pine and subtle earthy hops. 

The Taste Test:

Right off, the piney and earthy hops show up. It’s mildly bitter, definitely not overpowering though. The fruit flavors are sweet and a little grassy. Drinks more like a light IPA than a true West Coast IPA. Medium-bodied, crisp, and smooth. Moderate carbonation, not too prickly. A truly solid NA WCIPA.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 90 calories
  • 17g carbs
  • 3g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • This is a nice West Coast IPA that you can drink all afternoon. The hops are mild, but show up nicely. A refreshing drink for a sunny afternoon.
  • Compare to: Athletic Tucker’s West Coast IPA, Best Day Brewing West Coast IPA
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  • Untappd: 3.9/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.7/5
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NA Juicy IPA Review

Untitled Art Brewing Review: Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA
Untitled Art Brewing Review: Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA in a Tulip Glass

For my money, Untitled Art’s Juicy IPA is their best IPA offering. It has a complex flavor profile that’s crushable and delicious, while not trying too hard to be “juicy.” We highly suggest getting a hold of this one.

The Pour Test:

Review of Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beer: Juicy IPA
The NA Juicy IPA Pours a Nice Golden-Orange Color.

This is a nice, golden-orange IPA out of the can with some haze. It has a nice-looking white head that holds well. The citrus and fruit aromas stick out, in a good way. This is one of the most complex and intense aromas you’ll find in an NA beer. The smell makes me thirsty. (Good news, because I’m about to drink it.)

The Taste Test:

There’s definitely pineapple and mango up front. Some citrus in there too, a little dry spice on the finish. I’d say overall it’s low-sweet with medium-bitter. Very nice, yet complex. This is right up there with the best NA IPAs. Medium-bodied, medium carbonation, and solid mouthfeel. Overall, this is very impressive.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 90 calories
  • 19g carbs
  • 3g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • If you’re an IPA drinker, this is a must try. And if you’re not an IPA drinker, it’s a great start. There’s a lot going on, which makes for a fun, thirst-quenching NA beer.
  • Compare to: Samuel Adams Just the Haze, Athletic Free Wave IPA
  • Our Rating: 9.5/10
  • Untappd: 3.7/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 4.1/5
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NA Florida Weisse Review

Thanks to random word of mouth, Florida is Untitled Art’s second biggest market. So it’s fitting that they added a tropical-style Florida Weisse to their offerings. I think you have to be into sours to dig this one. If you are, pay attention.

The Pour Test: 

This one comes out thick, hazy, and pinkish orange color. It’s got all of the smells of a fruit smoothie, very tropical with melon, guava, and passionfruit. The head is off-white and effervescent, meaning it doesn’t stick around long. Smells great.

The Taste Test:

All of the tropical fruit smells on the nose show up in the taste. Very much a fruit smoothie sour beer. It’s medium-bodied with some creaminess, which is nice. It’s worth trying on a hot summer day. Not as good as Athletic’s Soul Sour, in my opinion. But good.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 80 calories
  • 25g carbs
  • 5g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • A refreshing tropical sour that drinks like a beer smoothie. This is probably their best sour, slightly better than both the Mango Dragonfruit Sour and the Watermelon Gose.
  • Compare to: Gruvi Sour Weisse, Athletic Soul Sour
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Untappd: 3.9/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.8/5

NA S’mores Dark Brew Review

Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: S'mores Dark Brew
Untitled Art’s S’mores Dark Brew: A decadent stout like no other.

One thing I love about Untitled Art is that they get crafty with their dark brews. The S’mores Dark brew is their best NA dark—and it is REALLY good. If you like to give yourself a treat packaged in a can, you can’t miss this one.

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Brewing Review: S'mores Dark Brew
Untitled Art’s S’mores Dark: Coffee brown pour with a thick tan head.

It’s a beautiful pour. Very dark, opaque brown color out of the can, almost black. It’s capped by a creamy, tan head that holds well. Once you smell it, you know you’re in for a treat. Rich chocolate aromas with graham cracker scents. Instantly takes you back to campfire stories.

The Taste Test:

The smell of this beer set expectations high. And it doesn’t disappoint. You definitely get the S’more vibe. It’s chocolatey with some cracker and spice. Then the marshmallow hits on the finish. It’s medium-bodied for an NA stout, which can be hard to find. They’re often watery. This is really good.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • ?? calories (the can didn’t say)
  • ?g carbs (the can didn’t say)
  • ?g sugar (the can didn’t say)

Final Rundown: 

  • Overall, this is an EXCELLENT stout. And it offers something that’s truly hard to find on the NA market. I highly recommend this, whether you’re a stout drinker or not. I just wish I knew the calories.
  • Compare to: Surreal Brewing Pastry Porter
  • Our Rating: 9.5/10!
  • Untappd: 3.9/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 4.1/5
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NA Chocolate Milk Stout Review

Untitled Art Brewing Review: Chocolate Milk Stout
Untitled Art Chocolate Milk Stout: Mild Chocolatey Sweetness in a Can.

Did I mention Untitled Art gets creative with their darks and stouts? The NA Chocolate Milk Stout is another smashing example. This was one of their first brews, breaking the mold of other craft NA brewers who typically start with an IPA and a lager. And they knew what they were doing.

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beer Review: Chocolate Milk Stout
Untitled Art’s Chocolate Milk Stout: A solid NA stout with a chocolate milk vibe.

This stout pours an opaque, dark chestnut color. It’s a beautiful stout pour, with a thick, tan head that holds well. There’s a prominent sweet chocolate smell, more like milk chocolate than dark. There’s some cinnamon spice with cocoa powder. Spot on for what it’s trying to be.

The Taste Test:

Definitely chocolatey, with mild sweetness. It has a chocolate milk vibe, but with some nuttiness in the middle. The finish is semi-dry with a little roasted bitterness. This is a nice stout in a category that is tough for NA brewers.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 110 calories
  • ?g carbs (the can didn’t say)
  • ?g sugar (the can didn’t say)

Final Rundown: 

  • A solid NA stout that brings some sweet chocolate flavors. Not as good as their S’mores Dark Brew, but a really good dark beer.
  • Compare to: Bravus Peanut Butter Dark
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Untappd: 3.5/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.8/5
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NA Cerveza Sin Nombre Review

Untitled Art Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer: Cerveza Sin Nombre
Untitled Art’s Cerveza Sin Nombre: An authentic, crisp Mexican-style NA beer.

In our review of the best Mexican NA beers, Cerveza Sin Nombre took the title of “most authentic” to the style. It has all the qualities we associate with staples like Corona and Pacifico. And at 60 calories, it’s a great summer beer for weight-conscious drinkers.

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Brewing Review: Cerveza Sin Nombre
Untitled Art’s Cerveza Sin Nombre: Straw yellow pour with sudsy white head.

It comes out a pale yellow color with a smidge of cloudiness. There’s a frothy, white head that has decent staying power. There’s mostly corn and citrus on the nose, with a touch of floral hops. It’s doing a good Mexican lager impression so far. 

The Taste Test:

This is a clean and zesty Mexican-style lager. You definitely get a lot of the corn and citrus in the flavor profile. Lime is especially prominent. There’s a mild bitterness on the tongue, but it’s fleeting. Finish is dry and clean. Another great summer option, good for a hot pool day. 

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 60 calories
  • 12g carbs
  • 3g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • Cerveza Sin Nombre lives up to what it’s trying to be—a Mexican-style lager that reminds you of Corona. If you’re looking for that style, pick some up. 
  • Compare to: Corona Cero
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  • Untappd: 3.1/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.3/5

Interested in Mexican-Style NA Beers? Read Our Best NA Mexican Beers Roundup.

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NA Mango Dragonfruit Sour Review

Untitled Art Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer: Mango Dragonfruit Sour
Untitled Art’s Mango Dragonfruit Sour: Tropical and Refreshing.

Rounding out the sour beers from Untitled Art is the Mango Dragonfruit Sour. UA scores points here for putting a fresh twist on the category. (You don’t usually find dragon fruit flavored beer.) I’m expecting something tart and bubbly, with a surprise. Let’s see how it holds up.

The Pour Test:

Untitled Art Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer: Mango Dragonfruit Sour
Untitled Art’s Mango Dragonfuit Sour: Nice pinkish-orange pour with a quick fizzing head.

This sour comes out thick with a pinkish-orange color. The rising carbonation makes an off-white head that fizzes out quickly. The nose is full of tropical fruit. Definitely dragon fruit up front, with the mango underneath. There’s an earthiness here that I assume extends from the dragon fruit. (I’m admittedly ignorant to dragonfruit.)

The Taste Test:

This one’s refreshing, tropical, and clean. A little bit of earthiness on the tongue. It’s sour up front, but not too sour, with a sweet finish. Despite the name, I get more guava than anything. It has a thicker feel than a lot of other sours, which is good. Almost like a fruit smoothie.

Nutrition (12 oz can):

  • 80 calories
  • 25g carbs
  • 5g sugar

Final Rundown: 

  • I like it, but two is all I’d have in a sitting. Probably a nice intro sour for anyone looking to dip a toe. I’d say the Florida Weisse is better. But both are worth trying.
  • Compare to: Two Roots Passion Fruit Pucker
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Untappd: 3.9/5
  • BeerAdvocate: 3.8/5
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Where to Buy Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beers

I suggest you go to ProofNoMore for your first Untitled Art Purchase. Here’s why: 

  • PNM gives you the option of buying singles, 4-packs, 6-packs, 12-packs, or cases (24). As you go up in pack size, you save a little bit of money. 
  • The buying options help you cut costs AND try more beers to see what you like.
  • Singles will typically cost $3-4. Not great for one beer. But you save in the long run by trying more up front and then buying what you like in bulk.

You can also go straight to Untitled Art’s website. Just beware of a few things:

  • You can only buy 6-packs, or multiple 6-packs. So there’s no break in price for buying more.
  • There’s a flat $10 shipping rate, unless you buy over $50 of product. This means that if you buy only one 6-pack, you end up paying almost $30 total. For two it’s about $47. It’s a little steep. (See screenshots in the “My Only Complaints” section below.)

It’s best to start by spending $50 at ProofNoMore. This will buy up to 10 beers to try. Then spend big at Untitled Art once you have your favorites picked. That way you avoid spending $30 on a 6-pack you don’t like. 

Biggest Complaints: High Sugar/Calories/Carbs and Pricing

My only complaints about Untitled Art are the high sugar content and calories of certain beers and the prices. 

The high sugar, carbs, and calories aren’t universal to their beers, but it’s common. It also makes sense, given the flavors they put out. But if you’re looking to control calories and macros, Untitled Art beers aren’t always the best option. (Partake Brewing is the low-calorie champion.) 

Example: The Chocolate Milk Stout is great. It’s decadent and delicious. But it clocks in at 110 calories. (Interestingly, the can didn’t disclose the sugar and carbs. Hmmmm.) The West Coast IPA has 90 calories, 3g of sugar, and 17g of carbs. This is high compared to other NA beers.

To be fair, you’re still saving TONS of calories and sugar compared to full-strength beers. But a couple each night can cause weight gain.

Finally, we have the prices. Good NA beer isn’t cheap. Just look at Athletic Brewing as an example. But the high-end beers from Untitled Art are even more expensive.

Most 6-packs direct from Untitled Art run between $17-19. Pricey, but a high quality product.

The pricing makes sense: excellent products + big demand + limited supply = high prices. But the cheapest 6-packs direct from UA are $17, with many as high as $19 bucks. Then tack on $10 for shipping if you don’t spend over $50. Some buyers might furrow a brow at dropping that coin to take a chance on NA beers. (I get it.)

Untitled Art Brewing Review: Pricing on UA Website
Two 6-packs direct from Untitled Art run about $47 after shipping.

If money matters, consider buying from ProofNoMore, as I discussed above. You can buy singles and 4-packs to try a variety. In any case, remember that these are some of the best NA beers on the market. So the products hold up to the pricing.

Untitled Art Brewing Values and Mission

Another thing I love about Untitled Art is their values. You might notice that UA’s distribution isn’t as impressive as, say, Athletic Brewing or Bravus. There’s a reason for this: They are pushing back against unfair practices by big distributors. 

Co-founders Levi Funk and Isaac Showaki rejected what they thought were unfair contracts, which stacked the industry against brewers. Instead they made agreements with small distributors and people who believed in changing the rules of the game. At one point they even self-distributed through volunteers.

Funk laid it out plainly to Forbes: “Wineries don’t deal with franchise laws, liquor companies don’t deal with franchise laws. There’s no reason breweries have to, or should have to. It’s only set up for the benefit of beer distributors.”

The result has been slower growth in geographic expansion, but an admirable dedication to reforming the system. 

As if the “stick it to the man” thing wasn’t cool enough, they also pride themselves in making high-end specialty brews in a “stagnant” beer category. Just like the art on their labels, they put art in the can. This has led to all the amazing styles we’ve reviewed above.

History of Untitled Art Brewing

Untitled Art was founded by Levi Funk of Funk Factory and Isaac Showaki of Octopi Brewing. The two connected when Funk sought out Showaki to make a turbid mash for a lambic-style wort. Various batches and conversations later, the two decided to start a brand that focused on high-end specialty brews. Untitled Art was born.

UA officially opened in 2016. In the first year they brewed 12,000 barrels of beer. Those numbers grew exponentially, reaching 85,000 barrels by 2020. 

As I mentioned above, their distribution hasn’t grown as quickly as other industry leaders. But by 2020 they were in 23 states and 8 European countries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Untitled Art Brewing

How many calories in Untitled Art Non-Alcoholic Beers?

It varies, but usually under 100 calories. Their lowest calorie options are the Italian Pilsner and Cerveza Sin Nombre, clocking in at 60 calories each. The average is about 90-100 calories. This is notably higher than other NA beers (like Partake for example).

Here’s how the rest stack up:

What is the alcohol content of Untitled Art non-alcoholic beers?

All of their beers are under 0.5% alcohol. This means there is alcohol present in their beers, like most NA beers. But you’d have to drink A LOT to feel alcohol’s drug effects. (By “a lot”, I mean 10 to equal one serving of alcohol.) 

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Healthy?

There are a host of direct health benefits of non-alcoholic beer. But most are debatable. This is because a lot of it is based on the impact of phenols found in beer, which are thought to have a host of benefits. Many non-alcoholic breweries and NA enthusiasts say the benefits are real.

There is evidence to support claims that non-alcoholic beer has health benefits:

It’s possible the direct benefits are wishful thinking. But we’re 100% sure the indirect benefits are real. These include:

  • Reduced alcohol consumption, including cutting alcoholic beer calories.
  • Avoiding the downsides of alcohol, like hangovers, inflammation, and sluggishness.
  • Increased energy and vitality, also from reduced alcohol consumption. (You see a theme building?)
  • Staying social and the myriad benefits.
  • Reduced cancer risk.
  • Lower likelihood of falls and accidents.

Conclusions of Untitled Art Brewing Review

Untitled Art is breaking the mold of non-alcoholic beers, a category that’s in desperate need of innovation. Their specialty brews often have a high price tag. But what you get for your money is second to none. And the eclectic offering make it an experience worth having. 

Shop their beers at ProofNoMore to grab singles or 4-packs and try a variety. You’ll thank yourself for taking a chance on this less known non-alcoholic brewer.

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