The Ultimate NA Wine Buying Guide

Are there any decent Non-Alcoholic Wines on the Market? This Ultimate Guide Holds the Answer.

Non-alcoholic wine is notoriously bad. The dealcoholization process can destroy a lot of wine’s familiar properties. The result is NA wine that’s overly sweet, lacks complexity, and makes you wish you’d saved your money.

But wine makers and industry leaders are fast realizing that the market for wine replacements is exploding. And the drive to make decent alternatives is getting stronger, which is spurring investment in this segment of the industry.

Today, there’s not only dealcoholized wine, but also specially-crafted wine replacements that focus on creating unique blends with their own taste profiles. We’re no longer forced to drink FRE and Ariel. The NA wine drinker now has high-quality options, which are growing by the day. But which ones are good and which are all hype?

To ease your burden, we’ve tried over 100 non-alcoholic wines and wine replacements. This ultimate guide tells you what you need to try and what you can pass by. We’ve organized them by style, brand reviews, and individual wines. Simply select what piques your interest.

You can also start by checking out where to buy non-alcoholic wine, as we have some recommended NA bottle shops.

By Style:

  • Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne and Sparkling
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine
  • Best Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Brand Reviews:

  • Surely Wine Review
  • Giesen Wine Review
  • Proxies Wine Review
  • Luminara Wine Review
  • Lussory Wine Review
  • Wander and Found Review
  • Noughty Wine Review
  • Ariel Wine Review
  • FRE Wine Review
  • Hand on Heart Wine Review
  • Oddbird Wine Review

Individual Wine Products:

  • Gruvi Prosecco Review
  • Giesen Sauvignon Blanc Review
  • Zeero Sangiovese Review
  • Proxies Sauvage Review
  • Proxies Vinta Review
  • Oddbird Spumante Review

This list continues to grow as we try more products. If there’s a particular product or line that you’d like to see reviewed, contact us to let us know.