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Jean, Founder and Lead Content Creator at DrinkICD

Welcome! I’m Jean, founder and lead content creator at DrinkICD.

I started this website to spread knowledge about a question: how can we enjoy the benefits of alcohol without the risks?

Alcohol is a fixture in my social life. This started before I could rent a car. By 30 it was baked into everything—get-togethers, date nights, weekend trips—all peppered with drinks.

I even married a fellow wine drinker to make sure nobody got judgy at home. 😉🍷

Then my fellow wine drinker got pregnant. (Oops—I mean, hooray!) By our second pregnancy, I was pushing 40. Hangovers came easier and died hard. And my health and energy started suffering.

Things had to change. I still appreciated the social aspect, beer at games, and wine at dinner. I just didn’t want to feel sluggish.

So I dedicated myself to new habits. I counted servings and calories, got savvy about alcohol content (ABV), and explored alcohol replacements like NA beer, NA spirits, and NA wine.

Along the way, I learned something: there’s a world of options for cutters and quitters. This site is about that world. Health tips, product reviews, guides—you’ll find it all here at DrinkICD.

All of the content on this site is meant to help you find the best “you” that’s out there. None of it is intended as medical advice or to replace treatment for alcohol misuse.

I’m not a sommelier or certified beer taster, nor do I have a medical background. I’m just a lowly professor-writer who’s dabbled in alcohol since the late 90s. And I want to help other people navigate the world I discovered (and continue to explore).

I hope what we’ve created helps you find a better “you”. Because your health and vitality are as important as mine.


Jean Crissien

Founder of DrinkICD