Best Viking Drinking Horn Which One To Buy In 2022?

Below you will find a buying guide about the best Viking horns to drink your beer in the best medieval style.

If you are interested in giving a traditional touch to your parties and even decorating your home in the Viking style, in this comparison you will be able to know which are the best models available on Amazon.

I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each one, to help you choose the one that will have the greatest benefits for you.

Let’s get started!

The 8 Best Drinking Horns

1. Genuine Viking Drinking Horn with Metal Stand Hornerey Trinkhorn T05S

An authentic handcrafted Viking horn

If you want to buy a Viking horn for drinking, this genuine ox horn is just what you are looking for. Each model is created in a traditional way, in the best medieval style.

They are 100% natural and made from authentic ox horns, so each one has a unique shape and color.

It is durable and well crafted; Its interior is covered with a transparent varnish with an excellent food grade, which is responsible for preserving the flavor of the drink, free of toxic elements.


  • Its approximate maximum content is 500 ml.
  • Each model has a unique design.
  • Includes a metal base to hold it.


  • Its size can vary according to the model, so it does not have a fixed size.
  • It cannot be supported on surfaces, unless it is placed on its base.

2. Real horn Viking beer mug Halle 15 Clothes

A mug of Viking beer brewed in the Nordic style

This is a handcrafted Viking horn mug, ideal for drinking beer in the best Nordic style. Its design is rustic, which gives the horn a traditional and handcrafted touch.

Inside, it is sealed with a food-grade varnish that preserves the original flavor of the drink, without adding odors or toxic elements.

Being designed in the shape of a jug, it has a base made of solid wood and a handle for greater holding comfort.


  • 2 capacities to choose from: between 300 – 500 ml or 500 – 700 ml.
  • Made with natural beef horn.
  • They are easy to grip and great for cold drinks.


  • They can leak over time.
  • The color is different on each horn.

3. Viking drinking horn Abbeyhorn

A Viking horn ideal for drinking beer

This is a hand-carved and polished horn, ideal for drinking Viking-style beer. So that it is not uncomfortable to store it, it includes a Viking horn support made of the same horn material.

You can choose between polished and rustic models, depending on the finish you prefer. Their capacity varies according to the horn, but each one measures approximately 35 cm.

It is made entirely of natural materials, free of toxic elements that alter the taste of the drink.


  • It has a capacity of up to 750 ml.
  • Its support allows you to rest it on any surface, without spilling a drop.
  • It is ideal for cold drinks, such as beer, without changing their original flavor.


  • It should be washed well before use.
  • Depending on the type of horn, the capacity may be less than 750 ml.

4. Mankitoys Viking Drinking Horn

If you want to drink Viking-style beer, this Mankitoys horn will give you an authentic Nordic experience. Extracted from real oxen, it has a high-class food varnish, which ensures an experience free of toxic or harmful elements.

It is not uncomfortable to carry, as it reaches 34 cm long in its largest measure and just 320 g in weight.

The best of all its design is that it includes a strap made of ox leather. That allows you to adjust it to your belt in the best Viking style.


  • Available in 6 different sizes, between 0.15 and 0.75 l.
  • They are coated with a varnish that ensures greater durability.
  • They are easy to transport and are quite eye-catching.


  • It does not have a support to support it.
  • It is not suitable for the dishwasher.

5. Hornschleiferei drinking horn

The ox horn with an elegant finish

These horns are obtained naturally in open-cast ox farms, in this way a by-product of cruelty-free breeding is obtained.

These horns are dried and cured in a natural way, this makes them more resistant allowing to obtain a product of high quality and duration.

To make its use more comfortable, it includes metal support in black, which will allow you to rest it on any surface, instead of always having it in your hands.


  • It comes in different colors and sizes, giving you the possibility to choose the one you want the most.
  • Good diameter of the mouth (between 8 and 12 cm), to fill it easily.
  • Its interior has an average capacity for liquids of between 400 and 490 ml.


  • Without the base it cannot stand firm on a table.
  • It is not varnished inside.

6. Authentic Viking Horn Drinking Craft Creator

The Viking beer horn for Game of Thrones fans

Designed like an authentic Viking beer horn, this glass is made with 100% natural horns, but it also has brass details on the base and mouth to give it a different touch.

What makes this horn stand out is its design with a handmade engraving of the young wolf, which refers to the House of Stark from the Game of Thrones series.

Each horn measures approximately 12 to 14 inches long, looking elegant and eye-catching during use or as a decorative piece. Its internal capacity is close to 500 ml, which will allow you to add a good amount of your favorite drink.


  • Each piece is unique, being carved and polished by hand.
  • It comes with a stand to place it.
  • It is suitable for use with beer, wine, water or any other cold drink .


  • The support is somewhat unstable.
  • It is not suitable for use in the dishwasher.

7. Viking Horn for Drinking Glass Beer The Source Wholesale

A transparent horn ideal for enjoying beer

This glass tumbler allows you to drink beer without changing the temperature during drinking. It is made of thick glass that allows you to keep the beer tempered for longer.

Its liquid capacity is approximately 480 ml, so you can enjoy authentic German beer by serving a whole bottle in the container.

Its base is made of birch wood, being resistant and elegant, making it a highly appreciated decorative piece.


  • It is designed to simulate an authentic Viking horn.
  • The edges of the glass are ground and heat polished to avoid accidents.
  • Thanks to its support it is easy to store, avoiding damage.


  • Cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended.
  • It is not resistant to shocks or drops.

8. Viking Horn Drinking Das Horn

A higher strength plastic resin horn

This is the plastic Viking horn that guarantees you greater resistance. It is made of bpa-free plastic resin, which will not break over time.

Its edge is made of quality stainless steel, which covers the upper area of ​​the horn, providing durability and visual style difference to have a unique piece of drink.

It has a support strap to wear it around the neck, an ideal result to wear comfortably if you need to use your hands to eat or at events such as Oktoberfest.


  • Its average capacity is 700 ml.
  • The plastic resin is polished to microns, to make its surface clean and without cracks.
  • It comes with a plastic base, being resistant to keep the horn and store it more easily.


  • It cannot be used on a table without the stand.
  • Being made of plastic, the temperature of the drink can be lost

What Is The Best Viking Horn To Drink

After conducting an analysis of the characteristics of each model, I would like to recommend you how to choose the best of all.

Surely when you see the different Viking horns, you may have asked yourself: “ How to make a Viking horn to drink ?”, “Are they all extracted from animals and carved by hand?”, “How can I choose the one that is best made? ”.

Well, to help you know more about them, I will explain what are the factors that you should take into account when buying your Viking horn.

Manufacturing material

Although the idea of ​​buying a Viking horn is that its material is 100% natural, there are countless materials in which they can be made.

The most common are authentic ox horns and plastic, although you can also find some made of resin or glass.

Both the real horn and the resin turn out to be quite resistant materials, so they provide greater durability. So if you want a durable and robust horn, I recommend choosing one of these two materials.


The size of Viking horns usually varies a lot according to the model. This is because the horns of oxen can vary in size.

Generally, a genuine ox horn is between 12 and 14 inches. But you can find the ones made of glass or resin in 27 cm if you prefer the compact sizes.


This is something that can be unique to each horn. The internal capacity of a horn is determined both by its size and by the thickness of the horn itself.

For this reason, you can find horns with capacities ranging from 150 ml and even above 750 ml, so here you will have a variety to choose the capacity that suits you best.

Base or stand

It can be uncomfortable to always have to hold the horn when you are at a party or gathering. Therefore, the most recommended in these cases is to choose a model that has support to support it or a base.

The latter usually come in the form of a jug and have a fairly Nordic style, as well as being comfortable.


The natural horn must be sealed inside with a special food varnish. This will prevent the drink from acquiring another taste or smell and the horn will have greater durability.

So I fully recommend you look at this aspect when choosing your Viking horn.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Most of these horns are not dishwasher safe for the following reason: heat tends to degenerate the horn material.

This is why it is not recommended to fill them with hot drinks, as they deform the horn and damage its internal part.

Viking horn price for drinking

Finally, the factor that always turns out to be the most determining factor in a purchase: the price of the Viking horn. This determines if it is of the best brand, it’s material if it is made by hand, its design, and size.

Thus, a cheap Viking horn can cost around $30, while a more handmade one with a more elaborate design, can exceed $55.

What I recommend is to take into account all the previous points to be able to find the one that best suits your wishes and your budget, of course.

Conclusion: Which Viking Horn To Drink To Buy

We have almost reached the end of this buying guide, but before finishing, I want to tell you which was my favorite Viking horn from this list. It is the Norse Mankitoys Viking drinking horn.

It is the best for me as it is designed in real ox horn and is easy to transport. Although it does not have a base to support it, its leather strap allows you to hold it comfortably or add it to the belt and thus have your hands free, without depending on any surface to support it.

Best of all, its interior is varnished, providing greater safety and durability when filling it with your favorite drink. Without a doubt, it is a model that should be kept in mind when buying.

Where to buy a Viking horn to drink

If you want to buy safely and quickly, with the best guarantees, you can visit the Amazon portal with total security.

There you will find the best brands of Viking horns, accompanied by real comments and recommendations from their buyers.

So keep in mind that when you buy your Viking horn on Amazon, it is the portal that offers you the greatest variety and security in online purchases.

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