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Water distribution issues such as taste, chlorine, heavy metals like lead or mercury, PFAS, nitrates, arsenic, and pipe corrosion don’t affect just you. People all over the world are searching for healthy drinking water for their families and homes. It contains microplastic, it is expensive, it is bad for the planet, and it is not healthy, so people are opting for alternatives to bottled water. The market offers many expensive and low-quality drinking water filters, making finding the right one difficult. In this article, we are not listing what has been considered the 10 best drinking water filters in 2022; instead, we are giving you a brief guide to help you find the right filter. Please also see the comparative reviews.

Our 5 Favorite Drinking Water Filter

Top 10 Best Drinking Water Filter Reviews In 2022

1. Top Tier 5 ROES-50 from APEC Water Systems

APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

Filters have been designed to provide safe drinking water continuously and uninterruptedly for up to six months. Made in the USA and certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 42 guidelines for contaminant reduction, our systems have exceeded all NSF/ANSI requirements for contaminant reduction for more than 20 years. By using our polymer-based activated carbon system, we can effectively remove virtually all contaminants found in today’s drinking water, including medicines, pesticides, TCE (terpene cyclohexane), and MTBE (methanol).

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2. RCC7AK, 6-stage reverse osmosis system NSF certificated for 75 GPD, from iSpring

iSpring RCC7AK, NSF Certified 75 GPD, 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, pH+ Alkaline Remineralization RO Water Filter System Under Sink, Superb Taste Drinking Water Filter

Alkaline remineralization filters gradually restore minerals and trace elements taken away by most other water filters.

Due to its natural ability to penetrate limestone rock, your water’s natural alkalinity level rises up to 60+ several times higher than that of most other RO/DI systems. Our RCC7AK RO system is a very economical system that produces high-quality drinking water at an affordable price with a low-pressure drop and a precise flow rate with a TDS meter accuracy of +/- 1 (ppm) to ensure you receive the best drinking water possible.

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3. The ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top from APEC Water Systems

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

With the ETASA Drinking Water Filter, you can reduce and purify 99% of contaminants from tap water and well water. The ROES-PH75 75 GPD 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter reduces and purifies contaminants by up to 25%. We design, engineer, and assemble every system in the USA to guarantee water safety and your health. We use ultra-pure and calcium-mineral-rich water to enhance the pH and taste of the water. We have developed a drinking water filter system ROES-PH75 that provides a total dissolved solids level of 2000 parts per million (ppm). This effectively enhances pH levels from acidic levels (average 5.0) to more healthy alkaline levels of 7.0 – 8+.

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4. Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output RO-90 Series from APEC Water Systems

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, Chrome Faucet

Home Reverse Osmosis Systems such as the RO-90 make it incredibly easy to enjoy unlimited ultra-fresh, clean, good tasting water at home. Fill a reusable bottle with water at your kitchen sink instead of hauling heavy water bottles home from the store. Buying bottled water costs time, money, and is a hassle. Neither the faucet nor the tubing that the water is delivered in will contaminate your refrigerator or countertop. The system comes with a 100% lead-free designer faucet that will complement the d├ęcor of any kitchen. Among the inorganic contaminants removed by this top-notch system is dirt, rust, sand, silt, chlorine, lead, fluoride, zinc, as well as more than 1,000 other contaminants like herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvents. By filtering the water down to 0.5 microns, you provide your family with pure, healthy drinking water. Almost any household kitchen faucet will fit the RO-90, meaning there is no need for specialized installation or professional help. Two boxes are provided – one containing the filter components to be mounted under the sink; the other holds the premium filters

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5. Showcase your event with the iSpring RCC7, NSF certified, 75 GPD high capacity under sink faucet

iSpring RCC7, NSF Certified, 75 GPD High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System, Brushed Nickel Faucet

Grayl water filters for sinks provide you with the best drinking water around. Take a refreshing glass of water or a crystal clear ice cube every day, or enjoy more tasty foods, tea, and coffee right from your kitchen tap.

 Providing protection from chlorine, lead, fluoride, arsenic, and other harmful contaminants, this kitchen sink water filter is not just an RO system but also includes additional micro-filters.

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6. Filter for Alkaline Drinking Water, Clear (MR-1050) by Apex

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter - 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge - Alkaline Filtration System - for Purified Water (Clear)

APEX’s Clear Countertop Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System filters out contaminants like chlorine and sediment as well as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts found in tap water. Drinking, cooking, and making baby formula can all be done with it. With its extra-long flexible tube, it can be installed on low or standard faucets. So you won’t need to replace a complete system, you can replace just the carbon block filter every two months.

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7. Water Filtration System for Undermount Sink, iSpring US31

iSpring US31 Classic 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System for Drinking, Tankless, High Capacity, Sediment + Carbon + Carbon (Newest Version)

ISpring US31 premium water filtration is designed to make drinking water more healthy and pure. You can easily meet your demands with the powerful flow rate of this filter, which removes a wide range of contaminants from tap water. Not only does it deliver you the purest water, but also its 2-stage filtration process combined with CTO and PP sediment filtration removes the most common contaminants in water, such as dust, sand, particles, dirt, and rust. Plumbing contractors can install it under the sink of your kitchen faucet or on your kitchen faucet. It is used in large construction projects and commercial buildings as well since it has advanced features like fast-flowing water on demand up to 1 GPM (gallons per minute) based on the source water pressure.

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8. RCC7UP-RBK100GPD-7-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Water Filtration System by iSpring

iSpring RCC1UP-AK 100GPD Under Sink 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis RO Drinking Filtration System and Water Filter for Sink with Alkaline Remineralization, Booster Pump and UV Ultraviolet Filter, White

Drinking, cooking, and making ice with Nusca US-30 is comfortable and easy, thanks to its high-quality reverse osmosis water filter. Whole house filters automatically control the flow, pressure, and filtration speed in order to deliver filtered water to any tap. This UV stage features a smart Flow Sensor Switch that automatically turns on and off the UV lamp based on water flow, conserving energy and extending lamp life. It is simple to install, just attach the small RO system to your kitchen faucet, connect a water supply line, and you will have access to clean and healthy drinking water at any time at a very low cost.

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9. Supreme Certified RO-Hi from APEC Water Systems

APEC Water Systems Ultimate RO-Hi Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output Fast Flow Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, 90 GPD

It utilizes high-quality components and hardware made in the U.S.A., which was tested, inspected, and certified to meet NSF international standards 42 & 53 as well as WQA Gold Seal Certification, ensuring you will have ultra-pure water and a fantastic taste. 

With big 3/8″ quick-dispense faucet output, RO-Hi filter systems are able to fill pitchers or glasses up to three times faster, helping you save a lot of time every day when filling up with great tasting water!

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10. MR2050 Dual Countertop Water Filter from APEX EXPRT

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Dual Countertop Drinking Water Filter - 5 Carbon Block and 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge - Alkaline Filtration System - for Purified Water (Clear)

The search for chlorine-tasting faucet water is over. Clean, freshwater is available in as little as 15 minutes with the APEX Countertop Alkaline Water Filter. The unit sits easily on the countertop next to the sink so you can monitor the water quality easily. Unlike most other water filters, which are large and heavy, this unit sits comfortably on the countertop. Using long-lasting filter cartridges, it can be easily mounted on most standard domestic faucets.

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How to Choose When Buying a Drinking Water Filter

Best Drinking Water Filter
Drinking Water Filter


NSF International, a health and safety standards testing company that certifies water filtration systems, explains that there are two reasons to buy a water filtration system. Hard water (i.e., water with a high mineral content) can damage pipes and fixtures with buildup, so you will likely want a filter for your U.S. drinking water to improve taste or remove hard minerals.

Nevertheless, there will be times when you will require a system that can filter out contaminants, such as lead or chemical pollutants. In cases where your water comes from wells, old pipes, or you live in an unsafe area, you may need a water filter to eliminate contaminants like lead or particles like sand.

To find out what kinds of contaminants are present in your city water, check the annual water reports. Even though municipal water is safe, it may still contain contaminants from old pipes. By adding a filter, these impurities can be removed. Using chlorine-free filters, for example, can also encourage hydration by enhancing the enjoyment of drinking water.

Independent Certifications 

Certification is one of the only ways you can be certain that your water filter is removing the contaminants it claims to remove (and because it is so hard to tell if it is actually working). Certification is offered by the NSF. ANSI and the Water Quality Association (WQA) are two other certifications to look for. No certification is one size fits all, so you should be aware of what you want to be removed from your water. For example, NSF offers a certification to determine how much chlorine has been removed, as well as a separate certification for determining how much lead has been removed. A filter with more certifications can remove more contaminants. 

Andrew suggests making sure the certification is real. Marketers often use marketing jargon such as “filters to NSF standards,” which doesn’t mean that it has been independently tested. A previous version of our list included several water filters that were removed based on similar language that cast doubt on their independent testing.


A filter purchase should also take into account your household’s water consumption. Small pitchers are fine for apartments and dorm rooms, but tap or under-sink filters may make more sense for larger households and those who need filtered water for cooking as well as drinking. The process of refilling a pitcher is not very time-consuming, but if you do this several times a day, it can be so tedious that you simply give up and drink unfiltered tap water again. 

Replacement Filters

Another factor to consider is filtering cost. Filters make a filtration system work, so consider the price, availability, and frequency of filter replacement when deciding on your filtration system.


Filtration systems can be very expensive, and if you’re looking for a small pitcher, the cost can be around $20. Water filters for personal use can be found at an affordable price without spending much, but be sure to look for certifications. When you decide how much you want to spend, consider the cost of the water filter as well as the frequency of replacement. 



Currently, a Brita pitcher is considered to be a filtered water pitcher. Among Brita’s best-selling products are its NSF-certified filters and its pitchers, which are easy to use. Simply drop the filter into the pitcher, and you’re ready to go. Also available from Brita are pitchers and filtration systems, such as faucet filters and water bottles. Despite this, Brita does not offer whole-home or under-sink filtration systems, and not all Brita filters are created equally. Make sure to check for those certifications based on what you want to filter out of the water. 


Similarly, Pur and Brita make basic filters for waste removal as well as filters for mercury and other contaminants, as well as more expensive filters that can also remove lead and a higher percentage of contaminants. With its basic and more expensive filters, Pur offers the most certifications. 


Apart from countertop filtration systems, APEC also offers a home filtration system. The company’s whole-home systems aim to remove odors as well as chlorine and minerals that cause appliances to scale. 


There is no such thing as a one-and-done purchase for water filters, no matter what size or type there is. Water filters don’t last forever, and eventually, they will cease to filter water effectively. That could lead to two negative outcomes. It can help slow the water flow through the filter if it starts flowing more slowly. In addition, the filter may stop filtering water effectively, allowing contaminants to remain in it. There is a lifespan for every filter, ranging from a few months to a few years. The NSF certifies the filter for as long as it is designed to last and even allows for an additional few months in the end. 

Andrew says, “But, at some point, things won’t work anymore.”. The importance of replacing your water filter according to manufacturer instructions cannot be overstated. 


Different accessories and add-ons have emerged as companies try to differentiate themselves from the competition, like Bluetooth capabilities and sensors for monitoring filter effectiveness. It is not necessary to have these bells and whistles, although they can be appealing. In some cases, the sensor is not necessary if you follow manufacturer guidelines. At the end of the day, it is important that the filter removes the impurities you are trying to remove. 


What is the best water filter?

Filters that remove a large percentage of contaminants from water, including potentially harmful bacteria, are called reverse osmosis filters. In reverse osmosis filters, water is pushed through membranes by pressure.

How do LifeStraw and Brita compare?

LifeStraw filters remove over 99% of bacteria, so we believe they’re much better than Brita filters.

How can I choose the healthiest water to drink?

Springwater is typically the healthiest option, especially when it is sourced and stored safely. The mineral profile of spring water is rich when it is tested and minimally processed.

Does the LG water purifier work well?

An LG water purifier is one of the best on the market. Their products are of excellent quality, the water is at its purest, and the taste is ok. LG offers many options, but I recommend purchasing at least one UV or mineral booster or both.

Do water filters really make a difference?

In areas without municipal water, it is also necessary to purify water sources. Installing a water filter is worth the investment if it is going to prevent contaminants from entering your water supply and if it is well maintained.

Final Thoughts

In order to maintain good health, clean water is essential, but if what’s coming from your tap isn’t as pure as it could be, there’s good news: a simple filter can reduce harmful contaminants while making your water more appealing to drink. It’s an affordable and sensible precaution.

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