Best Cat Drinking Fountain In The Market

A simple but revolutionary concept forms the basis of the best cat drinking fountain, which we love as cat parents. Cats seem to like drinking from any water source that isn’t a conventional bowl, despite the fact that they provide you with peace of mind that your pet would always have a water bowl if an emergency occurs (admit it, we’ve all thought of it). Overall, getting a cat drinking fountain is a win-win situation for both humans and cats.

The number of cat fountains available on the market today makes it difficult to choose a model that will best suit your specific pet’s needs. The web is filled with expertly written papers, but sometimes we just need a straightforward assessment.

We’ve prepared reviews of ten of the greatest cat drinking fountains, so you may choose from our suggestions.

Our 5 Favorite Cat Drinking Fountain

Top 10 Best Cat Drinking Fountain Reviews In 2022

1. Fountain for your cat, 84 ounces/2.5 liters, by Veken

Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets, Blue

Pet Fountains are the healthiest way to provide fresh water to your furry friend. There is a 2.5L capacity in the Veken pet fountain, which makes it a good choice for small to medium size pets. PP resin is used in the pump, which is very durable. The underwater filter core will not need additional tools for cleaning because it is made of high-quality PP resin. Also, because this BPA-free pet fountain is quiet, you won’t have to worry about disturbing others with a loud water dish. This pet fountain features three different flow patterns that dogs and cats will love.

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2. Aqua Fountain for Cats, 81 oz/2.4L Cat Fountain in Stainless Steel

Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 81oz/2.4L Cat Fountain with Smart Pump and LED Indicator for Water Shortage Alert, Cat and Dog Fountain with 3 Filters, 1 Mat and 2 Cleaning Brushes

Powered by a new, more powerful pump, the Drinkwell 360 provides three flow settings, including stream and cascade. A patented free-falling stream of water and recirculation filtration system constantly circulate and filter your pet’s water, keeping it fresh and appealing to drink. The spout allows multiple pets to drink water simultaneously, encouraging your pet to stay hydrated. This fountain is dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

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3. LED Pet Fountain, 81oz/2.4L, Stainless Steel

Comsmart Cat Water Fountain, 81 Ounce/2.4 Liters LED Pet Fountain Stainless Steel Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats, Dogs, Other Pets

There are three different modes of water flow on the cat drinking fountain so your pets can decide what they prefer. They will never get bored, and they will always consume enough fluids. Stainless steel pet fountains are made from food-grade materials that are BPA-free, so you can allow them to drink from them without worry. A nice glow is added to your home or yard by the LED lighting in the water level window. Featuring an ultra-quiet pump and 3 power outlets for additional attachments, it has a unique technology that makes it extremely quiet.

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4. Raindrop Pet Drinking Fountain in Stainless Steel by Pioneer

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

Keep your pet hydrated with the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain, which provides 100 ounces of continuously filtered, circulating water. Its patented free-falling stream adds oxygen to the water to keep it fresh and healthy. Imagine having a faucet just for your pet. Make it even more exciting by adding ice cubes. A replaceable charcoal filter reduces the taste and smell of tap water. Pets will have a difficult time tipping it over because the base is all metal. Dishwasher-safe parts and a removable reservoir make this easy to clean. Provide Three replaceable carbon filters (an extra filter is included in the package) that last 5 to 10 weeks each depending on how much water your pet drinks.

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5. 68 ounces/2 liters Automatic Pet Water Fountain, PETTKIT Cat Fountain

PETKIT Cat Water Fountain, 68oz/2L Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Auto Shut-Off Pump, LED Indicator Light, Water Level Window, Ultra-Quiet, Quadruple Filtration for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets

A high-quality cat drinking fountain will help you avoid the hassle of constantly refilling your pet’s water bowl while reducing the risk of potential health hazards. Water is delivered automatically, combined with an automatic shut-off submersible pump to ensure that your cat always has fresh water available. It may seem overwhelming to choose between this cat drinking fountain and another similar product, but before you decide there are some things you should consider. Replace filters on cat fountains as needed to save money Many cat fountains have inbuilt filters that should be replaced periodically. In some seasons, pet stores or online filters may not be available. This can quickly add up to an enormous expense. A quad-filter design ensures years of reliable service through this pet drinking fountain, eliminating any need for replacement filters. Make a note of how much water your pet consumes on a daily basis Many people underestimate how much their pets consume on a daily basis, especially cats who are natural predators and whose bodies are better suited for hunting than resting. The good news is that running water from pet fountains has been shown to be beneficial to cats.

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6. Petkit stainless steel water fountain for cats and dogs

PETKIT Cat Dog Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain for Cats Dogs, Automatic Cat Dog Water Dispenser with Burnout Prevention Pump, Smart LED Light, Dual Working Mode

A pet fountain like this is great for cats, small dogs and parrots, and other small to medium-sized animals or birds. Featuring a large water storage capacity of 46 ounces / 1.35 liters and an easy-to-use top lid. Precision stainless steel 2-stage filters are equipped with foam filters (which should be changed approximately every 6-12 months) and activated carbon filters (which require regular replacement) that produce bacteria-free, odor-free drinking water. Petkit Gen 2 sleep levels silent pump helps reduce noise by up to 25%, and this cat drinking fountain comes with instructions, an activation card, two free replaceable filters, and all tools needed for ease of use.

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7. Water fountain PetSafe Avalon for cats

PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Cat Water Fountain - Ceramic Water Fountain for Pets - Drinking Water Dispenser for Cats and Dogs - Fresh, Flowing 70 oz. Water Capacity - Filters Included

Water fountains like the Fountain of Health 1470 encourage your cat to drink more and maintain strong hydration levels. The 70-ounce capacity of this water bowl is perfect for cats and small to medium-sized dogs, but its open-bowl design permits unfiltered water to flow freely from all sides. Filtered water is kept fresh by a replaceable carbon filter, and pet hair and debris are caught by a foam filter. This device is constructed from scratch-resistant ceramic materials. Disassembles for easy dishwasher use. Removable pump for easy hand washing. In case you are not sure whether this product is compatible, we recommend that you speak with your local service provider.

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8. Super Quiet Water Fountain for Cats Inside Katzenkatt ahs a fabulous water fountain for cats.

Kastty Cat Water Fountain, Super Quiet Water Fountain for Cats Inside, Pet Water Fountain for Kitty, Cat Waterer, Dog Bowl Dispenser 2.2L/74oz,with Super Long Life Span Pump, Black+Colorful LED Light

With Katty Super QUIET Drinking Fountain for Cats with Pet Portable Dog Automatic Water Dispenser, you can relax, knowing that your pet will always have fresh, clean water to drink. This 2-in-1 cat and dog water fountain from Kastty gives pet owners and caregivers a convenient and safe way to keep their pets hydrated, healthy, and happy. With the food-grade coconut shell activated carbon filter for dog water fountain, you can filter out even the unseen particles, and it will not harm the drinking water no matter how long you use it (All materials used are FOOD GRADE MATERIALS), while it is BPA free and safe for pets. Strong build quality and super quiet pump while it is operating make this cat drinking fountain a cat-friendly environment that cats will quickly get used to.

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9. 67oz/2L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Fantasy Cat Water Fountain

Fantasy Cat Water Fountain, 67oz/2L Automatic Cat Drinking Fountain, Pet Water Fountain with LED Light and Filter for Cats and Small Dogs (Grey)

A water fountain featuring three flow patterns and two color options is presented by Wonder Creature. The low-voltage pump in this cat drinking fountain stays below 40 decibels, making it whisper-quiet. There are 3 different flow designs to encourage pets to drink. The 360-degree multi-directional streams oxygenate the water for added freshness, and the flowing water encourages pets to drink more than still water. Depending on your preferences, there are two color options and three flow designs to choose from.

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10. Automatic Pet Water Dispenser, 68oz/2L, HomeRunPet

HomeRunPet Cat Water Fountain, 68oz/2L Automatic Pet Water Dispenser, Ultra Quiet Indoor Intelligent Pet Fountain for Multiple Pets

Cats enjoy fresh, clean, and flowing water all day long with HomeRunPet’s cat water fountain. According to US residential electricity rates, it only costs 0.8 cents per day based on its powerful pump. There are two modes of operation: continuous and intermittent, with four distinct colors indicating the status of the operation. In both modes, energy is conserved, with an average cost of less than one-kilowatt hour per month. Due to the triple purification system made up of one layer of activated coconut charcoal powder within two layers of cotton mesh, food and pet hair are kept away from the cat drinking fountain. This pump is also equipped with a sponge filter that prevents dirt and hair from getting inside. With our cat water fountain, animals can drink fresh water anytime at home, compared to regular gravity pet bowls. Featuring detachable parts and an inner barrel that can be easily disassembled for cleaning, this water fountain is made of high-quality materials. Alternatively, you can run it through a dishwasher or boil it in water to clean it completely.

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Best Cat Drinking Fountain to Buyer’s Guide

Best Cat Drinking Fountain
Cat Drinking Fountain

It is critical to understand how to choose the best cat water fountain before making a purchase so that you can be confident in your decision. Let’s take a look at a few key factors to consider while making a purchase.

Proper Hydration

Cats do not drink enough water, a fact every vet will tell you. A well-hydrated cat is a happy and healthy cat. Wet foods are often added to diets to give people a natural dose of moisture, for instance.

The majority of the water in wild cats is obtained from the prey animals they consume. Canned food, however, does not meet their needs. Water doesn’t seem to be on the cat’s agenda as a replacement for food. But running water seems to be something cats enjoy.

Water fountains encourage your cat to drink more to stay hydrated.


Flowing water doesn’t stagnate since it is always in motion. Water that remains stagnant quickly becomes stale and unusable. Cats appreciate the freshness a fountain provides.

Flushing Toxins and Bacteria

Water flowing through a filter reduces the number of bacteria and toxins that may find their way into your cat’s drinking water without your knowledge. They can develop a biofilm, a clump of saliva and bacteria when saliva and other particles accumulate in their bowls.

Moreover, dirty bowls can promote the spread of more serious diseases such as salmonella. A sick cat can be very stressful and dangerous.

Reducing Health Risks

The continuous flow of water eliminates any health risks associated with it. It can not only prevent toxins from affecting your cat, but it can also keep her healthy. Diet and hydration are important factors that keep your cat’s body in good shape.

Improves Digestion

It is beneficial to your cat’s digestive function to add more moisture to its diet. Water helps your cat digest their food, preventing upset stomachs, gastrointestinal upsets, slow digestion, and constipation.


Various kinds of filters reduce dirt, impurities, chemicals, and bacteria. The best model for your cat usually uses a combination of different types of filters.

Water Flow

These designs often feature adjustable points that allow you to customize the water flow to meet the needs of your cat.

Bubbling – Bubbles create an impression of water movement without actual flow.

Pouring – Some designs have a point in the middle where water can flow downward in several directions, resembling a fountain.

Flowing – Some fountains create the appearance of a sink, which can be attractive to some cats that hover whenever the faucet is turned on.


Water is circulated and filtered by your cat’s water fountain’s electric pump, which plugs into an electrical outlet.

The fill line must be kept in mind very carefully when using pumps with included pumps. The pump would work on overdrive if the water was too low, rendering the product useless. To operate your cat’s device as intended, make sure it always has the right amount of water.

What’s a cat water fountain? 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve owned cats for years or are a new owner, you probably know how important hydration can be to your cat’s short- and long-term health. Water can prevent your cat from developing certain illnesses and infections, like an infection in the urinary system.

Various factors contribute to some cats not liking to drink water, especially from normal ceramic dishes. The vets at our clinic recommend keeping your cat hydrated with cat water fountains. A running water source, like a tap, is a favorite of cats. Rather than letting your cat drink water from the faucet, you can install a water fountain.

Why do cats need to drink

Historically, cats have roamed the deserts of northern Africa, where their ancestors once lived. African wildcats, their closest living relative, live in an environment in which drinking water is only available on rare occasions. They absorb most of their fluid requirements through their food, as did their ancestors. Since mice, a cat’s natural prey, contain 70 percent water, they are a great source of water. A dry cat must drink more water to compensate for the maximum 10% moisture content in dry food. A cat that does not drink enough water will have concentrated urine, which can lead to urinary stones, kidney problems, and even kidney failure. The best precaution is to drink enough water! Nevertheless, the question remains on how to encourage your cat to drink more water.

FAQ: Cat Drinking Fountain 

Is a water fountain recommended by veterinarians for cats?

Many veterinarians recommend cat water fountains for cats to stay hydrated. These fountains keep your cat healthy and hydrated by drawing them to running water (such as your kitchen sink!) over still water.

Is it better for cats to drink from a fountain?

Health in general. To maintain a healthy kitty, your cat needs to drink more water, so getting your cat a water fountain is always a good idea. Among animals, cats consume less water because they get a lot of hydration from their food in the wild (animal protein contains a lot of water).

Which cat water fountain is the easiest to clean?

In terms of ease of operation, it was the Catit Flower Fountain, as it’s easy to clean, simple to maintain, and very quiet. Cleanup and reassembling were a breeze thanks to its smooth surfaces and lack of crevices.

Is it necessary to clean my cat’s water fountain often?

Maintain your pet’s hydration system regularly by cleaning the fountain at least once a week and changing the filters. Maintain the health and happiness of your furry family member by providing fresh water and a clean bowl every day.

What are the benefits of cat water fountains?

Many veterinarians advocate the use of cat fountains for keeping your cats hydrated – an essential and often unmet requirement for their health. Fountains encourage cats to drink enough water since they offer moving water.


The reviews we have provided should help you narrow down which cat water fountain from a huge selection on the market will be the best fit for your cat. It can be difficult to choose where to start with so many different features and materials available. However, we are confident that any of our top 10 recommendations will be a great choice!

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