Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine? Here’s 5 Great Retailers

Non-alcoholic wine has become a go-to option for cutting back, trimming calories, or going cold turkey. But let’s come to Jesus—A LOT of it tastes like the swill they pour at communion. This is a big problem for mindful drinkers who wanna stay social without fighting their gag reflex.

The good news for NA wine drinkers seeking quality is there are now dedicated bottle shops curating the best of non-alcoholic wine. In this roundup, we’ll tell you where to buy non alcoholic wine that will taste good at a reasonable price, PLUS quick delivery and customer support.

Since time is of the essence, the rundown will go from most preferred stores to least. Let’s dive in.

Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine Online

1. Better Rhodes

Better Rhodes launched in mid-2020 and has become a premier marketplace for non-alcoholic beverages. Among BR’s best qualities are their user-friendly website, competitive pricing, and broad selection of non-alcoholic wines. At the time of writing, they stocked over 60 NA wines, including 12 reds, 6 rosés, and 21 sparkling wines. And you can sort by price, type (varietal), brand, ABV, and gluten friendliness.

Where to buy non alcoholic wine: Image of Better Rhodes non alcoholic wine page.
The NA wine page at Better Rhodes is easy on the eyes and their sorting options are user-friendly.

Here are some other things that make BR one of the pioneering NA bottle shops:

  • They offer excellent curated collections and subscription boxes with free shipping.
  • As of 2023, you can order through their well-developed, user-friendly app.
  • A dedicated sales page where you’ll get 50% off products.
  • A good variety of light and medium-bodied wines.
  • A friendly and supportive community, including a regularly updated blog.
  • Quality reviews and ratings for each product.
  • Convenient and secure online shopping, with speedy delivery.

Trudy’s Monthly Wine Club is a great way to get started buying non-alcoholic wine with Better Rhodes. You can pick the type of wine you like, quantity (2 or 6 bottles), and frequency. It’s also no-risk, since you can cancel any time.

Where to buy NA wine: Image of Better Rhodes monthly wine club page.
Trudy’s Monthly Wine Club at Better Rhodes sends you great NA wine every month.

The only downside is that they can run short on stock. But this also speaks to BR’s popularity, their mission, and the quality of NA wines that they carry. PRO TIP: You can save 10% on your first purchase.

2. Proof No More

ProofNoMore is especially known for being the top destination for buying non-alcoholic beer. But don’t sleep on their NA wine game, which is formidable. Like Better Rhodes, PNM has a smooth website that’s easy to navigate and sorting through products is a breeze.

Buy non-alcoholic wine online: Image of ProofNoMore's home page.
ProofNoMore’s home page is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

As I write, they have 57 NA wines in stock from 12 brands. Unfortunately, you can’t sort by varietal, so it’s hard to tell how many are reds, whites, and sparkling wines. But you can sort by popularity, price, brand, and old/new arrivals.

NA Wine Near Me: Image of ProofNoMore's non-alcoholic wine page.
ProofNoMore’s Home Page is well-organized and visually appealing.

Here’s a few more details that make ProofNoMore a great choice for NA wine and other non-alcoholic beverages:

  • They have some great variety packs, including some that feature NA wine.
  • The buying/checkout process is seamless and you can use Shop or Amazon Pay.
  • You get free shipping on any order over $100.
  • Flexibility in buying options. You can pick up 1, 2, 3, or 6 bottles of most products.
  • They have recently expanded their distribution and are gaining exposure.

You can save 10% right now on your first order through ProofNoMore.

3. Boisson

Boisson is a Brooklyn-based NA bottle shop that quickly expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco. They have a staggering list of 135 NA wine products, including over 30 white wines, a couple dozen red wines, and a bunch of bundles.

Where to buy NA wine: Image of Boisson's home page.
Boisson has a sleek, minimalist site design.

The website is well-organized, but has some quirks. For example, when you sort products the entire page loads again. On top of that, the sorting options have ALL products included, not just the product type you’re browsing. They’re small problems, but annoying ones. You can sort by price, ABV, type, gluten friendliness, organic status, grape varietal, and miscellaneous product details.

Where to buy alcohol free wine: Image of Boisson non-alcholic wine page.
Boisson’s wine page has more product choices than any other.

The main downside of buying through Boisson is price. They are usually on the high side, maybe because they’re based in high-cost places like NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The good news is they often run specials and you get 10% off your first order.

4. Drizly

Drizly is an online alcohol delivery service that connects buyers with local retailers. The main snag with Drizly is that it has to be available in your area and the non-alcoholic wines that will be in stock will depend on your local retailer. Some places will have good selection, others will have nothing.

Where to buy non-alcoholic wine: Image of Drizly's home page.
Drizly will bring your non-alcoholic wine directly to your door step.

When you order through the Drizly app, you’ll get a confirmation and then status updates until your wines are delivered, which usually happens within an hour or so, although it’s highly variable. And they recently teamed up with Boisson to offer more NA wine options.

Drizly became massively popular during the Covid-19 shut downs and has been a popular option ever since. It’s easy to see why. Just open the app, find your NA wine, and sit comfortably while they deliver your order. Nobody makes it easier.

5. The Zero Proof

The Zero Proof is another dedicated bottle shop that has a diverse offering of non-alcoholic wines. As I type, they have over 50 individual products and a handful of curated collections. Their website can be clunky at times. But it also allows you to sort by such categories as “avant-garde” and “canned wines”, which is cool.

They alco have recipes page and a blog that has reviews and non-alcoholic city guides. Like other shops, you get free shipping on orders over $100 and 10% off your first order.

6. Nanobar

Nanobar is dedicated to all types of NA products, including non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits. They carry NA wine brands like Thomson & Scott, Noughty, and others. Their website is smooth and sorting is easy. Plus they have good wine bundles.

The problem with Nanobar is that their selection of NA wines is disappointing. As I write, they have 22 NA wines in stock. (Another 15 are listed as out of stock.) It’s respectable, just not as broad a selection as Better Rhodes or ProofNoMore. To their credit, they do have a lot of sparkling wines. So if that’s your flavor, it might be worth checking out.

Where To Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine Near You

Total Wine

If you want to go brick and mortar, Total Wine offers a variety of NA wine brands, including Be Well, Satisfy, Giesen, and more. Just find your nearest location and head over to see what they have. You can order online and pick up, which is a nice option.

You can also order for delivery, but if you’re going to do that you might as well order from Better Rhodes or ProofNoMore. Those outlets specialize in these products and will offer a better buying experience for NA wine enthusiasts.


The NA wine selection at BevMo is impressive, with a wide variety on hand. But it’s still a regional company, so many buyers won’t have one in their area. They also do online sales. But again, if you’re going to do that, just go to Better Rhodes or

Local Liquor Stores

It sounds weird, but corner liquor stores are starting to carry NA wines. This will depend a lot on your location and the local culture. But it’s happening more and more. It’s not your best bet, but you might get lucky.


Do Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like Wine?

Non-alcoholic wine and wine replacements are designed to mimic wine, but often have distinct flavor profiles. The quality of an NA wine depends on a lot of factors, including the person’s palate and expectations of what it should taste like. Many reviews on BevMo and Total Wine mention thin or overly sweet flavors. However, experts agree that quality non-alcoholic wines have a balanced and layered flavor profile, much like regular wines.

While reds may have difficulty retaining their complexities, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines fare better. Wine alternatives, such as kombucha-based drinks and drinking vinegars, have unique flavor profiles that provide a similar experience to regular wines. Ultimately, the best way to find a great nonalcoholic wine or wine alternative is to experiment to find out what flavors you like.

Is Non-Alcoholic Wine as Good as Alcoholic Wine?

Non-alcoholic wines don’t typically taste as good as alcoholic wine. The dealcoholization process can destroy some of wine’s qualities, including it’s body and complexity. This is why many buyers are critical of non-alcoholic wine products.

However, experts point out that very serious wine makers have produced nonalcoholic wines that can be enjoyed just as much as its alcoholic counterparts. Good non-alcoholic wines should have a layered flavor profile that’s also balanced, while sparkling versions may have more texture and interest than flat wines. Wine alternatives, created from ingredients other than grapes, approximate a wine-like experience but can still create fun food pairings.

Technically, there is a difference between “alcohol-free” and “non-alcoholic” wines, as the latter may contain trace amounts of alcohol, usually less than 0.5%. Non-alcoholic wines are quicker and less costly to produce, and usually have a taste closer to traditional wine than alcohol-free wines.

In the end, it’s up to individual preferences, but it’s clear that good nonalcoholic wines and wine alternatives are out there, and may be just as enjoyable as alcoholic wines.

Is There Alcohol in Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Yes, there is typically a trace amount of alcohol in non-alcoholic wine. To be classified as “non-alcoholic” the alcohol content must be 0.5% or less. There are also wine replacements that are completely alcohol-free, registering at 0.0% alcohol.

Non-alcoholic wines typically have alcohol because they are made by dealcoholizing regular wine. This can be done by either arrested fermentation or removing alcohol from fermented wine through reverse osmosis or vacuum distillation. Alcohol-free wines typically require multiple dealcoholization processes.