Coors Edge Review: The Good and Bad of Molson’s NA Beer

When Coors Banquet fans need to cut back on alcohol or calories, they turn to Coors Light. But what can they do when they need to cut the alcohol altogether?

Molson Coors has given us answer: Coors Edge. This is the big brewer’s contribution to the non-alcoholic beer movement, perfect for those seeking moderation (or a clean driving record).

But does Coors Edge live up to the Coors tradition? This Coors Edge review gives an answer that might surprise you. We’ll talk about the good and bad, how it’s made, and how to buy.

Coors Edge review: GIF of can being held up and presented.

How is Coors Edge is Made

There’s not a lot of details out there, but Molson says Coors Edge is double-brewed, blending the taste profiles of two beers to make a taste profile similar to Coors Banquet. Presumably, one of those two beers is Coors Light and the other is Coors Banquet.

For what it’s worth, the Molson Excel page mentions a “prized lager yeast and a special, low-temperature fermentation.” So it sounds like Molson’s method is to arrest fermentation through special yeasts and cold brewing. The typical brewing methods for non alcoholic beer are distillation and filtration.

Coors Edge Key Facts and Nutrition

Coors Edge is a non-alcoholic American Lager brewed in Colorado. Here are some facts, ingredients, and nutrition details:

  • Brewer: Molson Coors Brewing company
  • Debut Year: 2019
  • Calories: 41
  • Carbs: 8.0 g
  • Fat: 0.0 g
  • ABV: <0.5%
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, barley malt extract, corn syrup (maltose), yeast, hops, hop extract, natural flavor.
  • Vegan friendly: Yes.
  • Gluten friendly: No.
Coors edge calories and nutrition: Image of label showing calories and nutrition.
Only 41 calories and 8 grams of carbs per bottle of Coors Edge.

Coors Edge Review (Score: 7/10)

The Pour Test:

Coors Edge non alcoholic: image of Coors Edge non-alcoholic beer being poured into a glass.
Coors Edge pours a pale, golden color with a quick-fading head.

CE pours a pale golden color with a soapy white head that fizzes out quickly. By itself, the quick fizzing head isn’t bad. But it might mean CE lacks flavor and has a thin mouthfeel. We’ll see.

The smell is slightly sweet, with some corn notes. Makes sense given corn syrup is on the list of ingredients. Doesn’t smell like it’s going to have a ton of flavor.

The Taste Test:

There are better NA lagers out there, but it’s not horrible. There’s some corn and grain flavors that stick out. Clean finish, not dry or bitter.

Very light bodied and the mouthfeel is thin. They basically mixed Coors Banquet with Coors Light and took out the alcohol.

The carbonation gives a nice tingle in the mouth. It’s a refreshing golden lager when served cold, probably a good summer non alcoholic option.

Image of Coors Edge Non-Alcoholic Beer poured in a glass and next to the empty bottle.
Coors fans should try Coors Edge as a replacement to Coors Light and Coors Banquet.

Verdict: The Good and Bad of Coors Edge

The Good: Reminiscent of Coors Products, Low Calories

CE is very subtle, almost bland. But the sweet maltiness shares stripes with Coors Banquet and Coors Light. So if you’re itching for an NA replacement for the classic Coors taste, you should give it a try.

You might fool a casual beer drinker with it. Not bad for a big box NA beer you buy at the supermarket. And just 41 calories, hard to beat that unless you’re drinking Partake.

The Bad: No body, no complexity, thin mouthfeel

There’s not a ton of flavor and some will find CE watery, almost like an ultra ultra light beer (e.g. Miller 64 or Bud Select 55). This is common for non alcoholic lagers, but you don’t have to settle if you don’t want to.

What other people are saying

BeerAdvocate: 2.76/5

Untappd: 2.41/5

Google: 3.9/5 (suspicious)

Most positive comments say that it’s a great alternative to light lagers such as Coors Light, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra. They also mention that the carbonation gives it nice texture and makes it refreshing.

The negative comments focus mostly on the thin mouthfeel and lack of beer flavors. A few people say it’s more like a grainy seltzer than a beer.

Alternatives to Coors Edge

If you’re looking for something that performs better, consider Untitled Art‘s Italian Pilsner or Two Roots Helles Lager. Both deliver superior taste and feel.

What To Do Now

Coors fans should pick up Coors Edge at ProofNoMore. PNM allows single-can sales and 4-packs, in case you want to try a smaller sample before buying.

If you’re not married to the Coors family, I suggest you buy ONE Coors Edge to try and some other lagers that we think highly of, like Untitled Art’s Italian Pilsner, Two Roots Helles, or Gruvi’s Golden Lager.


Does Coors Edge taste like Coors Banquet?

Coors Edge and Coors Banquet both have sweet corn flavors, which for make them similar. But Coors Edge is much lighter and thinner than Coors Banquet. Coors Edge also doesn’t have the the bitterness and body of Coors Banquet.

What is Coors Edge?

Coors Edge is a non-alcoholic, North American-style lager, double-brewed with malted barley, hops, and natural flavors. Because it has an ABV of 0.5%, Coors Edge classifies as a non-alcoholic beer, despite having small amounts of alcohol.

Does Coors Edge taste like Coors Light?

Coors Edge has some of the sweet maltiness that Coors Light has. But it is much lighter and less bitter. Coors Edge also has less body and complexity.

Both are produced Molson Coors, but there are different enough that most beer drinkers will notice the distinct flavor profiles.

Is there any alcohol in Coors Edge?

Coors Edge has an ABV of 0.5%, which means it has trace amounts of alcohol. It classifies as a non-alcoholic beer because the standard for that category is 0.5% or lower.

Since there are small amounts of alcohol, those on a strict no-alcohol diet, in recovery, or pregnant, you may want to find a zero alcohol beer.

What does Coors Edge taste like?

It’s light and crisp with a mild sweetness. It has a subtle grainy and malty taste, with hints of corn that are not too overpowering. It still has a refreshing taste and good carbonation, which is great served cold on hot summer days.

Keeping with the Coors tradition, It has a similar flavor profile to Coors Light and Coors Banquet, which deliver superior taste and complexity. While it may not be as flavorful, CE is a decent choice for Coors fans looking for a NA beer with that authentic taste.

What are the main ingredients in Coors Edge?

The main ingredients in Coors Edge are water, barley malt, barley malt extract, corn syrup (maltose), yeast, hops, hop extract, and natural flavor. The most notable ingredients are the corn syrup and natural flavor, which aren’t typical in their products.

How many calories are in Coors Edge?

Coors Edge has 41 calories per 12 oz. can. This is incredibly low compared to a regular Coors beer (e.g. Light and Banquet).

Is Coors Edge sweet?

Coors Edge is lightly sweet. The ingredient list includes malted barley, corn syrup, and natural flavors. These ingredients combine to produce a mildly sweet aroma and subtle sweetness on the palate.

That said, the sweetness in Coors Edge is light and not overpowering. This makes Coors Edge an enjoyable option for buyers who shy away from overly sweet beers.

What are the benefits of drinking Coors Edge?

As a non-alcoholic beer, the benefits of drinking Coors Edge include the following:

The taste of a light lager, with no alcohol.
Low calorie and carbohydrate count (41 calories and 8 grams of carbs per bottle).
Better sleep, vitality, and energy.
Liver health.
Improved immunity.
Decreased risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
Bone density and health, due to silicon.
Better hydration.
Improved gut and microbiome health.
Reduced stress and anxiety.